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What is the “point” of blogging?


Why did you start a blog? Are you getting what you wanted from it, or has your experience gone in an unexpected direction?

Here are the reasons I can think of for blogging, starting with the most basic:

  1. You like to keep an online diary, which, as we know, was the original purpose of a blog. A web log.
  2. You have opinions and you want to share them.
  3. You want to socialize but are shy or busy, and blogging allows you more control over how and when you socialize.
  4. You want to interact with like-minded people.
  5. Writing practice, argument practice, formatting practice, etc.
  6. You are building a social media presence.
  7. You are promoting your writing, art, photography, business, etc.
  8. You are trying to acquire customers for your freelance editing, graphic design, writing, or other skill-based service.
  9. You intend to create a blog that gets so much traffic you can sell ad space and make money.
  10. You are hoping to leverage your blogging popularity into a full-time career.

I am a writer and began blogging a few years ago to “get my name out there” and to generate interest in my writing. So you can say I got into it for reasons 6 and 7. I have accomplished neither.

The lack of achievement on latter objective–promoting my writing–has to do with the fact that I have little to promote. My stubborn resistance to self-publishing practically renders my blog useless, since writing novels is my game and I haven’t sold one to a publisher yet. Also, let’s face facts. The only people we are blogging to are other writers. Potential readers don’t troll WordPress looking for new novelists. This is an echo chamber.

As far as a social media presence goes… I have done zero research and am speaking anecdotally, but I don’t see much overlap between blogging and other forms of social media. This blog has almost 3000 followers. I’ve been on Twitter for a two years and have 160 followers.

Do you want to hear about a social media experiment I’m conducting? Four days ago, I created a second Twitter account with a different name and much more Twitter-friendly identity and have collected close to 200 followers already. I also started a WordPress blog associated with that account and have made two posts. Not test posts, either. True content-heavy, image-saturated, well-researched posts that should appeal greatly to my new followers. I have gotten all of 7 hits.

fangs2My preliminary hypothesis (and common-sense observation) is that blogging does not draw the same audience as do Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like. Ergo, blogging does little to build your social media presence, and your social media presence does little to promote your blog content.

I’ve left out one major social medium that is unlike all the others, and it seems to be the only one that offers a path to the top of whatever mountain you are climbing: YouTube. More than a couple of YouTubers I’ve followed when they had fewer than 100 subscribers are now regularly appearing on MTV and other youth-oriented television channels and making a living at it. I’ve even made a few dumb little videos of old Motown songs–built from scrolling B&W photographs and nothing more–that sans any promotion have collected 10,000-20,000 views and counting, which is more than I can say for any WordPress post I’ve written. Maybe I should invest in video equipment.

How about you? Have you ever thought of packing it in as a blogger or does blogging offer its own intrinsic value? All opinions and perspectives welcome!


Blog Readers Behaving Badly

No, I said "bloG." BLOG!

No, I said “bloG.” BLOG!

Is it just me, or is your WordPress Blog Reader on the quirky side too?

Every time I open it, the order of new posts is shuffled. Sometimes, posts show up five minutes after they go up, and other times they’re a day late. I’m glad I remember to scroll down or I’d miss a lot of them.

Other times, my blog reader gets stuck in Groundhog Day, showing an infinite string of the same 7 or 8 posts.

The worst of all is when posts vanish from my reader. I don’t always have time to read things as soon as they show up, but I do go back later to see what fun, exciting, funny, or informative things you had to say that day. That is, unless my blog reader eats them.

I think WordPress is the bomb, and the fact that it’s free for those of us who don’t mind “.wordpress” in our URL is super cool daddy swifter. It’s the best free thing that I can mention in a family-friendly blog like this one. But, like a Wes Anderson movie, it can be kinda odd sometimes.

How you noticed any blog-reader misdemeanors in your little nook of the blogosphere?

Better yet, are you a reader of blogs who behaves badly?


On an unrelated note, these are the films I can think of off the top of my head that are about killer blobs. Help me out if I overlooked any classics:

The Blob (1958)

Caltiki, The Immortal Monster (1959)

Son of Blob AKA Beware the Blob (1972)

The Blob (1988)

the blob2