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Help shape my content with this scientifically validated poll!

cat voting

I was going to call this post, “Take my poll. Please,” but I wasn’t sure if anyone under 30 would understand the reference and feared they might think I was being polite rather than paraphrasing Henny Youngman. So I decided to lie and claim a multiple-choice poll that allows you to pick more than one mutually exclusive answer is somehow valid.




Worst Story Contest Update: Entries are rolling in! Why not show the world your worst 100 words and submit something? The rules and details are here. By the way, no one has to take the prize. I am offering a $5 charitable donation to a potential overseas winner (in lieu of a physical prize I have to air mail), but anyone stateside who would rather a I make a $5 donation than mail a gag prize can certainly opt for that as well. You charity must be a legitimate national or international organization, and I will respectfully decline anything with a religious, political, or anti-LGBT agenda.