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Blizzard pics from New Jersey


I attempted to dig out our cars but gave up after 45 minutes, once I realized it was coming down faster than I could shovel it. Can’t wait to see what my back and shoulder feel like tomorrow.

blizzard pics 001

Sorry the next one is blurry, but the wind and snow was blowing right into my face.

blizzard pics 004

blizzard pics 006

Here’s a few more I took after the snow stopped. My shadow on this snow mound is actual size.

blizzard pic two 001My car is under here somewhere

blizzard pic two 006

Thigh deep

blizzard pic two 008

Sourland Mountain Preserve, NJ- PART II


In my continuing half-hearted quest to prove that New Jersey is more than stacks of shipping containers along the turnpike and The Sopranos,  I bring you fresh images from the Sourland Mountain Preserve near my apartment. Last time I told you about the glacial deposit at the top, and this time I have pictures.

I took a personal day today to recharge the mental batteries and thought the weather was perfect for a hike. It turns out it was pretty bleeping hot, but a little sweat never hurt anyone.

The Sourland trails are very rocky and can be steep in places. Bring your good ankles.



So it was a good thing I had these brand new trail walkers to break in. Thanks, Sketchers, for making a pair wide enough for my chimp feet. I will sell out for money in a heartbeat, so, Sketchers people, I can easily put your shoes on my characters’ feet for the right price. Call me.

sourlands2 007


Some scenery on the way up

sourlands2 029


sourlands2 010


Things do not seem to have worked out for Jim and Laura. Sad.

sourlands2 069


sourlands2 027


sourlands2 072

The glacial deposit

sourlands2 042

sourlands2 036


It’s quite remarkable that glacial ice was able to carve the words “hey babe” into this boulder over 12,000 years ago.


sourlands2 032

sourlands2 037

sourlands2 019

sourlands2 014

sourlands2 041

From reading your blogs, I know some of you aren’t crazy about the word “selfie” or the concept. So sorry for this. I was lying on a slanted flat boulder, hence the weird angle. Yeah, my shirt is two-toned from sweat. It’s humid in NJ this time of year. And, yeah, that’s the strap from my man purse. I never go anywhere without it.

sourlands2 057


Looks like the Sourland ghost from last time has a pal now. “Bye,” says Mr. Yellow Ghost Owl Bat.

sourlands2 012


Sourland Mountain Preserve, New Jersey

For those of you who think New Jersey is all toll booths and rail yards, here are some photos I took today on the Sourland Mountain Preserve near my apartment. This is just one tiny section of the park. We didn’t make it to the ancient glacial deposit at the top of the mountain this time (lunch was calling), but next time I’m up there, I’ll grab some snap shots and post them.

Sourlands 037

In a zombie apocalypse, we’ll never want for something to eat in NJ. Geese are everywhere. Like, watch-your-step everywhere, if you know what I mean.

Sourlands 003

Sourlands 004

At the park’s lowest elevation:

Sourlands 007



At Sourland, you can explore in the shade:

Sourlands 034

Sourlands 031


Sourlands 038

Or in the sun:




Sourlands 017



In addition to this dude below, we also saw a huge beetle and a big bee writhing on the ground, locked in mortal combat, but they were too well camouflaged for a decent photo. Last week we shared part of a trail with a snake.
Sourlands 028



It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this trail is steep. Trust me, it’s a lot easier coming down.

Sourlands 013


The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is evident throughout the park, especially at the top (to which we hiked last week). It had been a few years since I was up there, and half the trails were rerouted because of all the crisscrossing tree trunks.

Sourlands 035


The Sourland Ghost?


Sourlands 040


But in case you forget you are in New Jersey…

Sourlands 026


There’s the Manhattan skyline. The tall dude in the middle of the circle is the new Freedom Tower at Ground Zero.


My trip to New York Botanical Garden

In my time on WordPress, I’ve notice that people love a post with garden pictures. That stuff draws clicks like nobody’s business.

I admit to having thought, in the past, that it must be frustrating for a blogger to get ten times the traffic for posting a snapshot of a backyard daffodil than she does for her painstaking and insightful pieces on the art of writing. Since I don’t have daffodils or a backyard to plant them in, I’ve been more of a neutral observer of this phenomenon than anything else.

That changes right now. Yesterday I visited the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx and snapped a bunch of photos. As you can see, I’ve posted a few of the less-bad ones (trust me). It turns out that I don’t mind at all if this post gets ten times the traffic I usually get. Go figure.

New York Botanical Garden





NYBG 025


NYBG 063

NYBG 032


NYBG 055

NYBG 042


NYBG 022

NYBG 071