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Have you ever sneezed so hard…

… you knocked your skeleton out of alignment? I swear I’ve been pulling to the right ever since that sneeze from hell this afternoon. A few minutes ago I was trying to head for the dining room but ended up falling over the sofa armrest instead.

By the way, sorry if you were expecting a scatological response to the call of today’s post title. I don’t do potty humor. But I do have a nasty cold that I’ve christened “SneezeHammer,” for reasons that should be apparent.

Ok, that’s all today. I’ve got a novel to go work on (started yesterday, as promised).

I was going to close with Slayer’s “Skeletons of Society” as my theme-appropriate video, but I don’t suppose that most of my readers are into ’80s thrash metal. So here’s “It’s Nearly Africa” by XTC, a band that defies classification. The lyric “Shake your bag of bones” is repeated several times, an admonishment my illness has taken to heart.