Help Me Name My Car

munster car2

I finally ditched the old Chevy in favor of a Nissan yesterday. Did you know that cars have power windows now?

I kid. The Chevy had the latest gadgets of its day, but at 10 years old, it needed replacing before it started transforming itself into a money pit. Like the pet piranha I owned for 7 years (true story), the Chevy never got a nickname. None of my cars have ever gotten nicknames.

That ends. Tonight.

Please choose your favorite option below. In the interest of transparency: This poll exists for purposes of entertainment and humor. Just as author and blogger Kevin Brennan did when polling to choose a name for his new novel, I am going to ignore the results and pick the one I want anyway. In essence, a vote here counts as much as a vote in North Korea, but at least I won’t send you to the dungeons for not selecting the one I prefer.

Note: I joke about power windows, but my first two cars had hand-cranked ones. And I’m not that old.

Another note: Kevin Brennan decided to name his novel Occasional Soulmates, which is a pretty bitchin’ title.

dr seuss car

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