Thank you.

Sorry to be self-indulgent here (I don’t like to post without providing something worth reading), but I gotta.

To my fellow bloggers who read my 7-part serialized story The Last Stop this week, and to those who used their valuable time to leave comments:

Thank you! Profoundly.

I expected the first entry or two to get some curiosity clicks and then flatline by day 3, but this turned out to be my best week of the summer for traffic. The number of daily viewers remained steady as well. It’s a commitment to read a 6000-word serialized story, yet many did. Thank you for supporting a fellow writer (or a writer, if your creative outlet is something else).

Here. Enjoy these wonderful images (which I stole) as a consolation prize for showing up and getting very little in the way of content today:


Robert Goulet, star of stage and screen

Robert Goulet, star of stage and screen

The lead actors on Star Trek

The lead actors on Star Trek

Newscaster Connie Chung

Newscaster Connie Chung

A shoe Lady Gaga might wear

A shoe Lady Gaga might wear

23 responses to “Thank you.

  • skywalkerstoryteller

    It was quite an enjoyable read and I’d really like more.

  • uju

    You’re welcome!

    Eric, Lady Gaga won’t wear that shoe. It’s too sane and unimaginative. That woman’s shoe collection is a work of art itself, this is just bland (by her standard).

  • Kevin Brennan

    I confess I haven’t read the story yet, but I still haven’t shaken my Connie Chung fetish, so… thanks!

    • ericjbaker

      No worries, mate. I don’t expected anyone to invest in reading a story that long unless they bought a literary magazine.

      Connie Chung is the business end of a newscast.

  • Arkenaten

    And the pictures? Smile…you’re nuts.

  • nrhatch

    Our pleasure. I was prepared to “pull the plug” and stop reading if Riley veered off into the darker reaches of the human psyche. I found the story well written and its ending satisfying ~> I wanted answers to questions and you provided them with panache.

    That said, I do agree with your comments about a novel length story centered on Riley ~ 300 pages of Riley’s off-kilter view of things would be too much for me.

    I do have a few “what ifs” that popped to mind:

    What if Sophia/Eleanor was also a stalker? What if she saw Riley watching her every day and followed him to work . . . stealing his job out from under him to get out of the temp pool? What if she knew that he had killed his wife (her college roommate) and wanted revenge? What if?

    • ericjbaker

      Funny you should say that. I once considered writing a story about a serial killer who picks up hitchhikers and kills them picking up a hitchhiker… who is a hitchhiking serial killer killing the people who pick him up. It would have been a stand-off, with the objective being to see how much tension I could build from two people simply talking and driving. Like the devil and God playing chess, only two murderers.

      I wonder if such a story exists already.

  • Hollis Hildebrand-Mills

    I read your stuff because I like it. Not because I am investing valuable time. There is a difference! I did like this post because I get to see how your mind works visually. The star trek photo tells me more about your time travel interest. And Robert Goulet has a sort of over the top feel to it. Especially in blue. To match his eyes. But all in blue? Las Vegas comes to mind. And Connie Chung and the platform shoe.I really don’t want to go there! Thanks for the great nonverbal post! Overall I get gin and tonics and sleazy bars. 🙂

    • ericjbaker

      My older brother has asked how I can be so straight-edge yet come up with such bizarre material. One of my superpowers I guess: Finding the humor in randomness. My co-worker who suggested I serialize this story… his superpower is knowing what time it is without a watch. We all have secret powers. What’s yours?

      Thanks for the compliments on my story. I hope I can continue to entertain with future output.


  • Jill Weatherholt

    Nice job on creating some summer gridlock, Eric! I truly enjoyed reading your work. I’m so happy you made the decision to share it with us.
    Okay, I have to ask…what’s up with Connie Chung? Why not Maury?
    Have a great weekend!

    • ericjbaker

      Thanks, Jill. I figured it was time to throw something out there. I’m always blabbing on about writing, so I was a bit apprehensive. You know, like a football coach who can’t throw or catch a ball, you don’t want to embarrass yourself.

      Why Connie Chung? The gods of randomness do not explain their visions. I simply obey.

  • livelytwist

    Thanks for the shoes. How did you guess I would like it? Detective Spinelli? Ah, I should have known!

  • haydendlinder

    Hey Eric,

    I saved this comment until I just couldn’t stand it. So, I loved the story. I did. But I have a few concerns. At the beginning of this you commented,

    “it has been sitting on my hard drive because it’s too long and doesn’t fit into a genre, and, honestly, I’m not sure it works.”

    It’s too long? Since you have the core of a truly, and I am not exaggerating here, groundbreaking novel, I would say it is not long enough.

    Doesn’t fit into a genre? You mean like Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment?”

    Last, you’re not sure it works… you’re not sure it works… It WORKS Eric! You have a hero who the reader KNOWS is a stalker and messed up and yet we still root for the bastard. That is GOLD man!

    Now in all seriousness I think you need a lot more work on this piece but I believe it would truly be worth it. What you have so far is great but with a little more faith in the story you could have phenomenal. I’d revisit the P.I. In the story, there are a couple of chapters worth of story in that guy alone. I’d ditch Sophia showing up at work and instead have off kilter hero following her trail through the under side of the city. You know what kind of an advantage a stalker with no hesitation to kill has over your average thug? He should trek through drug traffickers, pimps and the white slavery market to find the girl. THEN, DEFINITELY, end with him confessing to the Detective. That is a perfect ending for this story.

    You can go a million places with this story and it doesn’t matter what you chose because regardless of the path we’ll be rooting for this twisted murdering bastard.

    • ericjbaker

      Thanks for that, and for your comments in general. You’re right, there are many ways I could have gone or could go if I decided to expand it or at least alter what I have. For now I’m leaving it here, warts and all, to see if an idea or motivation hits. As I’m sure you know, writing a story, even one this size, is a big investment of mental energy and requires an inner fire. Going back, I wrote the first draft of this and then waited for a whole year (or maybe longer) before I even read back what I had written.

      Right now I’m working on a novel that I started then sat on for two years or so. One day, this winter sometime, I suddenly HAD to write it. It went from 11 pages to 290 in 3 months. Who knows where inspiration comes from, but it has to come like that. These days I’m pushing myself to finish the second draft. Perhaps when that is done, lightning will strike elsewhere.

      • haydendlinder

        OK. I can cut you a lot of slack if your currently into something. You did mention that in another post but of course I forgot because I am a self center jerk. One of my better character traits according to my mother.
        BUT, I would love to see you do something with this story if the muse should glide past you. It’s just has SO much potential. Can’t say enough about how good of a job you did with this story so far.

        The “so far” part is there to inspire you:)

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