My trip to New York Botanical Garden

In my time on WordPress, I’ve notice that people love a post with garden pictures. That stuff draws clicks like nobody’s business.

I admit to having thought, in the past, that it must be frustrating for a blogger to get ten times the traffic for posting a snapshot of a backyard daffodil than she does for her painstaking and insightful pieces on the art of writing. Since I don’t have daffodils or a backyard to plant them in, I’ve been more of a neutral observer of this phenomenon than anything else.

That changes right now. Yesterday I visited the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx and snapped a bunch of photos. As you can see, I’ve posted a few of the less-bad ones (trust me). It turns out that I don’t mind at all if this post gets ten times the traffic I usually get. Go figure.

New York Botanical Garden





NYBG 025


NYBG 063

NYBG 032


NYBG 055

NYBG 042


NYBG 022

NYBG 071

31 responses to “My trip to New York Botanical Garden

  • Arkenaten

    Gardening posts are bloody stupid. Who would post such tripe! If I want flowers I’ll go walk in my bloody garden.

  • Gry Ranfelt

    Cool 😀 Maybe I’ll visit this place next week! Nice to get new ideas for what to see.

    • ericjbaker

      If you get sensory overload from all the other stuff, it’s a nice place to get some relative quiet. It’s up in the Bronx, though, which is a different borough from Manhattan, so it’s probably best to look up some bus tour or something.

      What is on your itinerary so far?

      • Gry Ranfelt

        A walking tour, a boat trip to see the island, a broadway show, a wee bit of shopping, going for a run in Central Park, going to this little writer’s café to write and meet other writers, natural history museum, MOMA 😀

        • ericjbaker

          Sounds like fun. The boat tours are cool. Whenever a relative visits from overseas or out of state, I take them on the Circle Line. The two-hour one is preferable (the three-hour one seems a bit long). The ones that leave at dusk are the best, because the lights all come on in the city, which makes for a scenic experience. A jacket is advisable, even if it’s warm on land.

          You have to do Times Square and 42nd street at night, unless crowds freak you out. MoMA is great of course, as is The Guggenheim. My suggestion: do those during the day and then something more Bright Lights Big City in the evening. The planetarium at the Natural History Museum is cool too. I’d avoid planning two museums in one day. The brain can only absorb so much.

          Washington Square park in Greenwich Village is one of the best places in the city to people watch. Nearby is St Mark’s Place (8th street and 3rd, if I recall)… lots of cool shops and weird stores to check out.

          OK, I’ll stop rambling now. Have fun!

        • Gry Ranfelt

          Wow, thanks so much for pointers!!!

  • nrhatch

    Love your eye for detail . . . especially that barrel cactus with its well ordered rows. Also love the orchids (#3) and the caterpillar (last one).

    Thanks! Hope you get 11x your normal traffic.

    • ericjbaker

      Normal traffic, which is fine with me. I like the people who visit my blog!

      You can’t tell from the photos, but the sun was in force. Even inside the conservatory, I couldn’t see the screen on my camera,. It was literally point, guess, and shoot.

  • skywalkerstoryteller

    Glad you brought this up. I’ve recently wondered the same thing. Just like anyone, I appreciate a pretty flower photo. But, I really prefer thought provoking or informative and/or funny written blogs.

    • ericjbaker

      You never know what is going to catch on. I embedded a picture of a sword (that I stole from a random Google search) into a post over a year ago, and that’s still my top draw every week. I’d like to think it’s my clever writing, but the search-term data suggests otherwise.

  • Janna G. Noelle

    I love botanical gardens. Three years ago, I dragged my uncle to Kew Gardens in England and we most have spent 8 hours there. I’m sure I could do a good number on New York as well.

    • ericjbaker

      The cool thing about them is the seasonality. If I were to go back in two months, all the beautiful pink dogwood trees would be boring old green, but what is currently now a brown field will be two acres of blooming roses.

  • Jill Weatherholt

    I had no idea you were such a talented photographer, Eric. These pictures are great, such a beautiful place. Thanks for taking us along on your tour…I can smell the flowers. 🙂 Did you take your man bag with you?

    • ericjbaker

      You are too generous in your estimation of my photography skills, but thank you. I think I could take a decent picture if i had a better camera. Also, i was trying to shoot around a million other visitors.

      Of course I took my man purse. What better way to carry a camera around? I hope people were impressed by the Coach logo.

  • shelleyhazen83

    Nice garden photos. Hope you get all the traffic you’ve dreamed of! 🙂 I love a good botanical garden – I went to the one in Washington DC almost exactly a year ago. Got to visit the one in NYC – never even been to the city.

    • ericjbaker

      I went to the one in DC a couple of years ago. I don’t remember it vividly but I know it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle.

      You must visit NYC one day, and I’m not saying that to be a homer (I actually live halfway between NY and Philadelphia). There is no other place like it.

  • Jodi

    Forget garden pics – I get loads and loads of hits from cute bunnies. Who knew? I never imagined you having a softer more flowery side, I kinda like it.

    • ericjbaker

      I love gardens, provided someone else is doing the work. We used to have a fantastic indoor garden just a few miles from my place – and I mean genuinely fantastic, no hyperbole – but the trustees of the estate decided it was too expensive to keep running and they closed it down. It was really a great loss. If this place had not been hidden on a dead billionaire’s property and were in a city somewhere, people would have come from all over to see it.

  • livelytwist

    Really? I’m off to Keukenhof (a popular botanical garden in NL), before it closes 🙂
    So, did it work? You know, did your stats fly to the sky?

    • ericjbaker

      Not really. Some traffic as usual, but I’m not complaining. My old blog might as well have been posted on dot matrix paper and shoved in a basement filing cabinet for the views it got.

      I need to visit the Netherlands someday. I am crazy for Dutch painting. Multiple vanishing points!

  • 1WriteWay

    Well, if you really want more views, you could always put “penis” in your post title 🙂 That blog post of mine still outranks all other posts of the past year in views 🙂 But your pictures are great. My fav is the last one 😉 Perhaps people just want eye candy sometimes. Even I like to see pictures on my own blog 🙂 Well, here’s hoping you not only get more views, but that the new viewers stick around.

    • ericjbaker

      I didn’t get more traffic, but I did get a spike in new readers. As long as people enjoy the content, I’m satisfied. I’ll probably do more photos just to mix it up a bit.

      You really want some clicks, add “big” in front of “penis.” I’m not kidding. A site I used to write for did a review of an art nudes book and tagged the story thusly. Oh my. That post got more views in one day than this blog has gotten in two years.

      • 1WriteWay

        That would be funny to do, but I know I won’t. I’d rather have the ones who stick around than those that come by for some titillation 😉 Plus, I’ve been getting some nasty spam ever since that post ….

  • WeaverGrace

    For me, my stop by here is homing instinct: NYC is home, and I spent many days at the botanical garden, so your title caught me.

    • ericjbaker

      I’ll bet it’s a good place to get a break from the city without having to venture too far. Though I’ve lived within an hour of New York City my whole life, it was my first visit to NYBG. In my mind, the Bronx is some kind of special trek, but it’s really not.

      Thanks for the visit and the comment!

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