Help shape my content with this scientifically validated poll!

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I was going to call this post, “Take my poll. Please,” but I wasn’t sure if anyone under 30 would understand the reference and feared they might think I was being polite rather than paraphrasing Henny Youngman. So I decided to lie and claim a multiple-choice poll that allows you to pick more than one mutually exclusive answer is somehow valid.




Worst Story Contest Update: Entries are rolling in! Why not show the world your worst 100 words and submit something? The rules and details are here. By the way, no one has to take the prize. I am offering a $5 charitable donation to a potential overseas winner (in lieu of a physical prize I have to air mail), but anyone stateside who would rather a I make a $5 donation than mail a gag prize can certainly opt for that as well. You charity must be a legitimate national or international organization, and I will respectfully decline anything with a religious, political, or anti-LGBT agenda.



16 responses to “Help shape my content with this scientifically validated poll!

  • Dave

    I don’t know. Five bucks to a good cause, or the opportunity to listen to Shatner’s horrible singing? That’s a tough one. I think I’m still leaning toward the CD.

  • nrhatch

    Well . . . no one thinks you should STOP POSTING. That’s a good thing.

    My favorite posts are those that make me laugh, or make me think of positives and possibilities, or teach me something that I want to know. I enjoy posts on writing tips, and silly bits, and places you been, and things you’ve seen ~ and FOOD.

    Food is cool, especially with photos that make me drool. But no snakes, or snails, or puppy dog tails. Or frog’s legs. Or pig’s ears. Or tongue. ACK!

    I don’t enjoy posts that pull apart a perfect pleasant poem or painting and try to imbue it with esoteric symbolism NEVER intended by the original creator. I saw some pompous twats doing just that on a TV show the other day. They analyzed a stunning B&W photo of Marilyn Monroe eating a cheeseburger at a Drive-In . . . to the death!

    Their rambling and posturing transformed a FUN photo into a mixed up muddled up mess of pseudo-intellectual sociological BS (in much the same way that HS students transform frogs into “parts are parts” via dissection ~ which, in case you’re wondering, is equally unnecessary and unhelpful to us OR the frogs).

    Not that YOU would ever do that . . . but just don’t.

    Write on!

    • ericjbaker

      I think food-related posts are not my cup of tea, so to speak. I’ll leave the enticing recipes and reporting on interesting dining experiences to you and others more expert. I can talk painting and sculpture fairly well, but no brain picking of deceased artists who aren’t here to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

      There we go talking about brains again.

  • Richard Leonard

    I was once more closely related than most to a company that makes traffic cameras but I didn’t work for them. I’m always open to views about the dodgiest way to generate money ever invented. 50K words should be enough. 😉
    But don’t just talk about the intersestions. Explore the ones hidden under A-frame signs, inside wheelie bins, behind bridge piers and all the other sneaky ways they try to catch people out doing 3-5 kmph over the limit for $160 a pop, in Australia. Apparently something like 90% of speed camera revenue is taken from people doing 10 km/hr or less over the limit.
    Talking about limits, I might be approaching the word limit for comments. Or the limit of your attention span… I’ll stop ranting now.

  • Jodi

    Good grief Eric, don’t make me tell you what to do, I can barely figure out my own platform! I do like your more esoteric, oddball work; it makes me smile.

    • ericjbaker

      I’m really just seeing if I’ve gotten too tangential here. It’s supposed to be a writing blog, but those posts are more mentally taxing and infrequent. I’m trying to give readers what they want while also being able to keep up a healthy pace. I’m probably overdue for some writing talk.

  • 1WriteWay

    Well, whatever you do, Eric, don’t stop posting. I do love your writing-themed posts, but I get how much work they are. Doing them infrequently makes sense. But you also have a great sense of humor and sometimes, frankly, I really need some of your humor to help me face my day 😉 I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my blog. I lost a lot of energy over the past couple of months, in part because my paying job has become more demanding. it’s good to sort things out now and then. I hope to get around to that … eventually 😉 Happy Friday 13th!

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