Blog Readers Behaving Badly

No, I said "bloG." BLOG!

No, I said “bloG.” BLOG!

Is it just me, or is your WordPress Blog Reader on the quirky side too?

Every time I open it, the order of new posts is shuffled. Sometimes, posts show up five minutes after they go up, and other times they’re a day late. I’m glad I remember to scroll down or I’d miss a lot of them.

Other times, my blog reader gets stuck in Groundhog Day, showing an infinite string of the same 7 or 8 posts.

The worst of all is when posts vanish from my reader. I don’t always have time to read things as soon as they show up, but I do go back later to see what fun, exciting, funny, or informative things you had to say that day. That is, unless my blog reader eats them.

I think WordPress is the bomb, and the fact that it’s free for those of us who don’t mind “.wordpress” in our URL is super cool daddy swifter. It’s the best free thing that I can mention in a family-friendly blog like this one. But, like a Wes Anderson movie, it can be kinda odd sometimes.

How you noticed any blog-reader misdemeanors in your little nook of the blogosphere?

Better yet, are you a reader of blogs who behaves badly?


On an unrelated note, these are the films I can think of off the top of my head that are about killer blobs. Help me out if I overlooked any classics:

The Blob (1958)

Caltiki, The Immortal Monster (1959)

Son of Blob AKA Beware the Blob (1972)

The Blob (1988)

the blob2

33 responses to “Blog Readers Behaving Badly

  • Jill Weatherholt

    No, it’s not just you. I thought it was just me. I follow many blogs by e-mail and it’s hit or miss whether they show up in my e-mail account. As you mentioned, often I see the same blog posted 3 or 4 times in a row. I thought maybe the writer was trying to dry in new readers. 🙂 Not really, I assumed it was a Word Press freak out. OMG! The Blob (1958)! That was one of my favorite movies growing up. Of course, I watched it in reruns. I wasn’t born in the 50’s. 🙂

    • ericjbaker

      I forgot to mention that sometimes they don’t provide a direct link to the post and I have to click on the blogger’s name. Weird. I don’t understand technology, and I especially don’t understand it when it does whatever it wants.

      I used to watch The Blob on Saturday mornings when I was a kid. About 10 years ago I noticed it was on TV and I tried to watch it again. I didn’t get very far. The majority of what I saw was shot in static wide masters. No close-ups, no reverse angles, no nothing. Just full-body shots, like watching a play.

      At least it had Steve McQueen, which ups the cool factor.

  • Cheryl

    I’m having the same problem. I haven’t had much time to devote this week, so the sluggishness has frustrated me even more. But, WordPress is da bomb, so I’m sure they’ll get it worked out!

  • Cheryl

    When I saw the title of this post, I thought I was the blog reader who was behaving badly!

  • nmartinez1938

    In my childhood I disciplined myself to steer clear of scary movies, werewolves, vampires, frankenstein and the likes. War movies seemed ok and not to disturb my dream hours. Being a vivid eternal dreamer, events of any day may be replayed within the next 24/48 hrs. Thanks for the heads-up on the blog issue, I will pay more attention and join the WP Free Blog Police.. WPFBP 😉

    • ericjbaker

      I have an untested hypothesis that creative people have weirder dreams. Based on anecdotal evidence. Who knows.

      I couldn’t get enough of scary movies when I was a kid. In the summers, I’d have the broadcast schedule for the week memorized. If a good (or bad, didn’t matter) horror flick was on in the wee hours, I’d wait until my parents fell asleep then sneak down to watch it. My mother thought I was sleeping too much. She had no idea I wasn’t going to bed until 4 a.m.

      • nmartinez1938

        Falling on subway tracks, and being assautled or pursued by teen toughs were the scary ones. Finding a freight car full of money and flying were the best. The money one I grew out of– reality I guess finally sunk in.

  • nrhatch

    My reader has never been very reliable . . . so I rely on e-mail notifications. I just checked right now and there are a total of 6 blog posts in my reader (out of 40 I’m subscribed to).

    Yours is one of the six. 😀

  • feminineocean

    I really don’t like the Reader,other than it’s a good place when Word Press ends my subscriptions every three months it seems. I prefer to get my blogs by e-mail – some I get instantly, some daily, some weekly – and some end up in the never. But, yes, they have some quirks they need to fix.

    • ericjbaker

      I used to get them by e-mail but I read too many now and I get swamped. I’ve also followed a couple of bloggers who turned out to be a little OCD and would put up 8 or 9 posts a day. Those are easier to skip over in the Reader for some reason.

      I still get a few by e-mail, though I’ve changed the settings. Ah, computers. They still baffle me.

  • jessmittens

    Mine is doing the same – I’ve missed a lot and people are in turn missing my posts, which haven’t been getting the same attention they used to. Or maybe my blog writing skills have plummeted? haha.
    But at least this one showed up in my reader so I know I’m not the only one!

  • Bryan Edmondson

    You did get the email from Word Press about the damn service charge right? If not, open your email client and check your “junk mail” for the Word Press email . A lot of people have missed it.

    WordPress users now have to pay $6.95 (one time) for a year’s protection from something called “TCP/IP data packet loss” — which is apparently like static along the pass of Internet bandwidth transmissions.
    if you don’t pay the 6.95 your blog is not guaranteed to operate “interruption free.” It is such bullshit because Word Press is supposed to be free, right? Well that was then and this is now.

    . Apparently the main internet connection Word Press servers use is relayed through a small communications satellite. Anyway Word Press (in the email) said that during the Russian meteorite incident, a lot of debris did not hit the earth, So there is like tiny sand out in outer space which is orbiting the earth (and so are the satellites)
    According to Word Press, every company that is using this particular satellite communications relay has to pay insurance (hundreds of thousands of dollars a month) because of the high probability that this physical satellite body will be damaged by this debris in the future.

    You can sign the internet petition being emailed around, but it is not likely to do anything about it. It is all about the rich screwing the poor and Word Press keeping their stock holders from panicking.

    I am going to go to Blogger on Google.

    • ericjbaker

      If we all pitch in 7 bucks, we can buy a meteor shield and launch it into space. That seems more practical.

      • Bryan Edmondson

        I am like young George Wahington. i cannot tell a lie.
        I lied about this whole thing. There are actually no satellites orbiting earth at all.

        You are so trusting. I am sorry and hope that you will still send me cards and an occasional souvenier spoon from the tourist guest shop of yet another state.

        I guess I was just “A Blog Reader Behaving Badly”

        However, you are mo Abe Lincoln walking to retun any penny or book or whatever it was that he walked 350 miles to return to its rightful owner.,,
        Eric, honestly, I am shocked and appalled that a writer would name his Freshly Pressed Word Press blog post with GED vocabulary words and then ending the pot title with an adverb-instead of a using a strong verb. That makes me think that maybe you lied to all of us.

        I don’t know if any of us can fully believe you ever again. Keep your God Damned spoons. I never used any of them. Unless you count the New Jersey spoon. I licked it and stuck it on my nose.
        i am signing my name, untrustingly,suspiciously, and tearfully.


        • ericjbaker

          The only book I must return was borrowed from my local library. I have never returned a library book late and am not about to start now. Fortunately, the library is not 350 miles away. It is about 4 miles away, and I have a car, so it’s really no big deal.

          I like you, but I really wish you’d get off my case about returning library books on foot. This is the age of the internal combustion engine.

  • Janna G. Noelle

    This was news to me. But then again, I’m something of a dinosaur who waits for blog posts to land in my inbox. I’m already checking my email, and don’t like the idea of having to check something else (which is why I don’t follow blogs that don’t allow email subscription).

    All that being said, I just checked my Reader and see that I did miss receiving one email today.

    • ericjbaker

      I always assume I’m the technology dinosaur and the last one to give up on old ways. But the comments here helped me realize that lots of people still use the e-mail feature. Maybe I should go back to that.

  • Uzoma

    First, Kudos to WordPress for creating such an interactive community.

    I don’t always rely on my Reader. I can’t say that I have no use for it either because not only does it show me the blogs I’ve visited in easy format, but it is an outlet to new blogs. Email notification works best for me. Without it, I will be missing out on a lot thing…seriously.

    • ericjbaker

      Agreed, I don’t want to beat up on WordPress. I’ve made many like-minded friends this year that I would not have otherwise.

      In the comment above, I noted that I was surprised how many people still use e-mail subscriptions. My surprise stemming from the fact that I stopped doing it that way, and I always assume I am the last one to give up on a technology (I’m also surprised when I find out I’m not the only one who still buys CDs). Maybe I should go back to the e-mail format.

  • Arkenaten

    I also noticed a few glitches with the reader. Currently, every time I turn it on, it only features your blog. Now I know you write some good stuff but I need to read other perspectives too, you know?
    Less EJB or fewer EJB blogs? Sheesh…let me go an’ lie down. 😉

  • karenspath

    The reader is definitely wacked out. My stats are weird too. I get numbers of visitors but I haven’t seen a bar on my bar graph in months. Maybe it isn’t me afterall….

    • ericjbaker

      I appreciate all of WordPress’s continuous efforts at upgrading the service, but, like with anything technology related these days, it seems like the rush to stay competitive causes companies to go live with things while the bugs still need to be exterminated.

      As long as people have fun blogging, that’s the important thing.

  • gabrielablandy

    I’ve stopped being notified of any replies to the comments I leave on other blogs – so I guess I won’t get notified of this one. You might want to consider that when you think of replying – but if you have any thoughts… (Nice to meet you by the way – the one good thing about the reader is that is still manages to point you in the direction of a good blog.)

    • ericjbaker

      I’m having the same problem with the notifications. I’d say it’s more important to be notified of replies to comments we leave on other blogs than to be notified of comments people leave on our own. I’m going to see those amyway, but I’m not into stalking other bloggers.

      (Not that you’ve been notified of this reply, but) I appreciate your comment, even if you don’t know it.

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